Eckhart Tolle and the Buddha Nature

I recently attended a talk by Eckhart Tolle here in Melbourne, along with about two thousand others. I was surprised at the numbers who turned up, although I later realised that this was a little naive, given the popularity of his books and the promotional machine that is Oprah.

His message is simple and clear — stay in the NOW, let go of the past, and allow true intelligence to arise. How many times we need to hear that message to reinforce the truth of it will depend entirely on our individual selves.

The message is not new. It is in fact the basis of the Buddha’s teaching on Mindfulness (and probably the teachings of many others). The extract under the tab above from Living Meditation, Living Insight  by Dr. Thynn Thynn, for example, discusses the same approach to being free from conditioned existence. Here’s a quote:

Freedom is not just an end result. It is not something that awaits us at the end of our endeavour. Freedom is instantaneous, right now, from the very beginning. We can be ‘free’ in the very process of the search, in experiencing, in every step along the way.

I was impressed with Eckhart Tolle. His message was simple and clear, his presentation genuine and straight from the heart. The large crowd listened with complete attention and there was a definite experience of being fully in the present moment.

If, as he says, the time is right for humanity to take another step on the evolutionary path, and that many have already done so, it’s a message that sends hope to the many who follow his teachings.


One thought on “Eckhart Tolle and the Buddha Nature

  1. This is actually much more difficult than it is first perceived to be. The first step is realizing that we are conditioned from birth to be a certain way. This is done through the language we are taught, the actions we are taught to perpetrate, and the qualities we are taught to have based on present society. In order to free yourself from that conditioning, you must recognize it, analyze it, and ultimately break it down completely, so you can rebuild yourself independently of social pressures.

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