Karma and Rebirth – The Eternal Questions

It is difficult to understand the puzzling mechanics of karma and rebirth. How are we reborn into unfavourable circumstances, as a dog for example, simply because we have committed unwholesome acts in this lifetime?

As I understand it, we are born, we die. When we are alive our limited consciousness allows us to be conscious only of ourselves. When we die we are no longer conscious of the entity that was ‘I’. This ‘I’ has disappeared, never to be resurrected.

But the conscious volition that produced this limited perspective of ‘I’ moves to yet a new perspective. Consciousness may be like tiny points of light flickering into life, dying, and then appearing somewhere else. The question is — what determines this volition, the process of awakening to an entirely new perspective?

Now I have this limited perspective of ‘I’. When I am no longer, what determines that my limited perspective will then become that of a bird?


2 thoughts on “Karma and Rebirth – The Eternal Questions

  1. Hmm I don’t believe in rebirth but I found this article quite interesting. I like your description of our consciousness being a point in this universe and death being the bluring of this.
    Anyways I found your profile on stumbleupon so I figured I would leave one.

  2. Thanks for your thumbs up. I enjoy researching and writing this blog. I guess the question most people ask about karma and rebirth is — who is up there keeping track?
    Something I want to discuss in another post.

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